Metal Supply

Or, with equal thermal insulating properties, you can save on the thickness of the insulation and respectively, at the cost of the whole structure. Finally, the main advantage of sandwich-element assemblies – their much lower cost. Conventional sandwich panels and sandwich-panel-element assembly with the same characteristics can vary in price by 40-70%! The sum of the benefits of sandwiches elementwise assembly makes them the basic material for industrial buildings – not by chance that in Western Europe to 80% of industrial buildings are built with cluster profile. Despite the high popularity in the West, in Russia, until recently, such materials are not made. Construct a building of sandwich panels-element assemblies can be was only using imported cluster profiles produced by the company 'Rannila' in Finland or in the West German factories. The high cost of shipping import cluster profiles in Russia (they are not invested in each other and have to carry in effect the air), and most importantly – long term (2 months or more) – sandwiches made on their basis is not competitive compared to conventional glued sandwich panels produced domestically. And so, Finally, a famous Russian producer – 'Metal Industrial Company Profile' – began their own large-scale production of cluster profile.

Since its inception in 1996, the Industrial Company 'Metal Profile' was the leader among domestic firms in creating innovative products in the production of roofing and walling. Company 'Metal Profile' has achieved national leadership in the manufacture of metal and sheeting coated. Russia's first company developed the mass industrial production of drainage systems with a polymer coating for low-rise building. Currently, the industrial company 'Metal Profile' includes five plants and 20 sales offices in different regions of Russia, among the regular customers – Sberbank of Russia, the Office of Tax Police of Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church, Attommash, Taganrog Metallurgical Plant, Brewing Company "Baltica" and many others. As a result, an authoritative ranking of all-Russian specialized magazine "Metal Supply and Sales' 'Metal Profile' deservedly won 1 st place in the category 'products for further redistribution.

" Not surprising that the company 'Metal Profile' first domestic manufacturers began production of the cassette profile. Domestic Cassette profile is as simple of galvanizing and galvanized steel with polymer coating. Metal is used Novolipetsk Steel and foreign suppliers. Production takes place at equipment issued in the summer of 2002. Your order will be completed in a few weeks – compare with a period of several months in foreign companies. Increases the number of standard colors. Quality rolled cluster profile is maintained at the level of eu standards, the company is 'Metal Profile' offers it at prices significantly lower than the prices available to foreign analogues. According to experts of the construction market for Russia 'teams' sandwich panels using materials production 'Metal Profile' is the most promising material for the construction of modern civil and industrial buildings.