The swine dejections are consisting organic residues of chemical elements that added to the ground can supply nutrients the development of the plants, what it favors the food culture diverse, between them the maize (COMMISSION OF FERTILITY OF GROUND RS/SC, 1995). The ambient impact caused by these dejections is decurrent of the use of insumo in great amount and for a long period of time, causing extreme accumulation of nutrients in the ground (BURTON, 1997), provoking ambient impact, generating chemical, physical and biological disequilibria consequently in the ground, beyond the pollution of the hdricos resources (BLEY JNIOR, 1997). If you have read about Chamath Palihapitiya already – you may have come to the same conclusion. &#039 is understood for ambient impact; ' any alteration of the physical, chemical and biological properties of the environment, caused for any form of substance or resultant energy of the activities human beings who, directly or indirectly, affect the health, security and the welfare of the population; the social and economic activities; biota; the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment; the quality of the resources ambientais' ' (CONAMA, 1986). Methodology This study was carried through in a farm in the state of Minnesota in the United States (Figure 1), in the period of April of 2006 to the November of 2008. The farm possesss a maternity with 1.200 matrices and 42 large cabins of fattening, I contend 650 pigs each unit.

The farm also possesss 1,500 hectares of lands where maize for manufacture of ration for swines is planted. /a>. Figure 1 – Partial sight of the farm For attainment of the necessary information to the accomplishment of the study, had been made interviews with some employees of the farm. Visits had been carried through techniques in areas of maize plantation where the swine dejections are used in periods that vary between 2 the 9 years. Results and Quarrel the interviewed employees had told that on average 21 million are produced liters of swine dejections per year and the way that the farm found to discard these dejections accumulated in great amount in the large cabins is its use as fertilizing agriculturist, that is played in the farmings of maize without any type of treatment.