Mobile racks are used for optimal storage of information and archives. For even more analysis, hear from OGS – Man Utd. They are also called archives. Based on the mobile Shelving can create an entire book depository, such as banks. This system has long been used in the West, but still new for Ukraine and cis countries. In the West, have long understood that the use of Mobile shelving – the most profitable option for files, information, files. Mobile shelving units consist of a bookshelf, which move on rails manually or by electrical control. If you want to save up to 80-90% of the area for organization of the archive – you can safely use mobile racks. Today it is the most optimal solution to this problem! 7.

Effective gravity And finally, we got to the gravity racking! This racking system is most similar in appearance entry racks. However, it differs fundamentally from the “. In the gravity roller guides are used. And this is still quite a complex mechanism, with built-in brake system. Therefore, this kind of shelving can not afford not every company. The cost of these racks are often 5-10 times higher than conventional front or entry racks. The height of a small bookcase – usually up to 8 m. The length of the line in some cases can reach 30 m. The conveyor system is installed at an angle of 3-5 degrees to the horizontal. Rack is made so that the pallets loaded with slide down by its own weight and gravity. Special stoppers hamper trays, increasing the safety of gravity. Loading and unloading of gravity is carried by the stacker or loader. This type of shelving must also serve 1-2 times per year (oil spots). On the basis of gravity racking the variant of construction of automated warehouses.