Million Euros

It's no secret that the Italians – terrible players. Here are 2 of the disease: football and the lottery. As in the regional centers, and in most towns on a daily basis tiddly bought an insane amount of lottery tickets in hopes of to win the cherished amount. And it is that talking about Bole poorest regions in Italy – such as Sicily, where they play everything: from children to seniors, hoping to win the cherished thousands And then quite suddenly on 23 October in Catania won the lotto The jackpot in excess of the amount ever won in all of Italy – 100 million euros! That survived the owner of the promised a ticket to hear about the winners, send complicated: screams, squeals, hugging and kissing everybody: friends and strangers and vigorous celebration for the entire quarter. However, the owner of the kiosk, where he bought a golden ticket, too, was lucky: written about him in almost all editions, referring to his shop as "winning." Needless to say that the clientele owner grew up in an instant:)