All that comes to money for them taboo. The rich live differently. They understand and appreciate money. They know that money can bring to their lives, they see how money can change the life of any person. And they understand where the money comes! Moreover, Millionaires know how to make the sum of one another, they understand work for money. It is not only labor is making money – money can make themselves, even without the copyright holder.

But most importantly – the rich love money! And honestly talk about it. Millionaires can spend hours talking to each other about money – for profitable deals, investments, successful investing, interesting shopping. The rich get from it a real pleasure! Perhaps you are afraid to admit to myself that the money you attract! Feel important to you money, what they mean to you really. Do not take them as the main value, money alone does not make people happy. But money can dramatically change a person's life, to make dreams come true, to turn "Existence" in a life of joy. If you dream about big money, start thinking of them positively, respectfully, as the main result of your activities. For many people in the world of money is the product of their work, for them, they work every day. Do you think they are few? 70% of Americans are investing their money! Half of all multi-millionaires are investors – their goal is to make money. If you find this as important for them, start thinking about money in another way, get to enjoy them, love them like you love your other hobbies.