Multi Function Cabin

The trend in the Spa whether private or hotel – is clearly the Combi sauna. Check out Morgan Stanley for additional information. The trend in the Spa whether private or hotel – is clearly the Combi sauna. This trend started with sauna and soft steam already in the 1990s. In the demanding market segment, the market share is already at 60%. The first multifunctional cabins were constructed in the normal element construction and delivered. This was followed by the solid solid wood sauna, which is ideal for the combined operation thanks to the 58 mm core boards. Now, the Combi sauna extends its application spectrum with infrared, the non plus ultra”sauna offer by BEMBERG.

Of course, this all-rounder in the classical element construction or in the upscale solid wood construction can be offered. While at the element construction interior with Hemlock panels due to the formation of cracks in spruce – a must is the solid wooden sauna Leigh of Karelian spruce (astig) can the noble fir (almost free of knots) or also can. Hemlock are made. Entweder – or question is over, so”what heat treatment use should; because the physical condition is constantly changing. still the classic sauna with its high temperatures is the right choice, can be important tomorrow the skin care and day after even the use of Infratstrahlen be required, relieve muscular tension problems. “” An important advice for anyone who is interested: infrared cabin, sauna, or steam room, weigh yourself and contact manufacturer on all three areas (sauna steam bath and infra-red) as well as in the manufacture of element saunas “and solid wood saunas” have a long-standing experience and expertise; “because these companies must not for or against” a product talk, but can the individual cabin according to your needs “put together. More information directly from: BEMBERG GmbH & co. KG Baker Ebenezer road 14 74336 Brackenheim Tel.