New York Yankees

Players from more than 20 countries are gathered here to compete in 30 teams, among the most famous being the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Dodgers a which are known from Aruba to Zimbabwe, in fact the most famous is the Yankees. LMB Season of runs, the last day of March to October and are 162 games, run around here the finest athletes. In July, superstars play in the All-Star Game fans from all over the world vote for who sits on these computers. Reaches the maximum in October, with playoffs first and then biggest sport in the world The World Series between the champions of the National and American. The Major League Baseball, working in the development of this sport around the world and donate money to organizations or in the great tragedies like the destruction of the twin towers and on problems of large cities, also help youth .

The major league baseball continues to globalize as certain teams play and outside USA: Toronto Blue Jays, and until 2004, the Montreal Expos in Canada too, the Baltimore Orioles who played in Cuba. The Rockies and San Diego Padres, have played in Monterrey, Mexico, Japan Yankees, the Expos in Puerto Rico, USA All-Star game against the stars from Japan, etc. Baseball is growing and so are eminently countries where players like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, and play. R. players Dominican, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, continue to rise. Add Cervantes, to consider the role in the business generaa International Association baseball federations, control the amateur baseball, his offices are located in Lausanne, Switzerland, with 113 national federations, 40 of them are in Europe.