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These customers always tend to be open to new proposals – such as high speed internet connection. As In our experience, this is the first phone call brings 50-70% of all their spending on services of the company. One North American company, realizing this state of affairs, provided a special line for call center operators who served only clients who enter into a new home. As a result of the reorganization of the company's revenues from sall center immediately increased by 10-15%. Choosing the right infrastructure strategy is good only when there is infrastructure that will ensure its realization. Leading companies establish an optimal network call centers, if necessary, resort to outsourcing, and technology is used wisely. Do not rush to outsource to to create an optimal network, the company has geographically correct to place their call centers to be able to provide customers with quality service no matter what time of day, political and other circumstances, and it does not go beyond cost-effectiveness in spending. From these considerations, many companies resort to outsourcing or offshoring.

However, before you take such a step should be fully aware of how to What is needed is outsourcing this particular company. First, consider the existing network call centers, and determine its profitability – that is, find out how much it costs the company and how much can bring income. If the decision to outsource the call center is still accepted, becomes a key issue of choosing the right partner and careful drafting of the contract.