One Hand Lava

It is difficult to do it all without the help of the other and only. Not only can live man or life so it would be extremely difficult. The help of the other and mutual cooperation is essential. Allah speaks of this in the Qur’anic chapter number 5 entitled: the table served aayah 2. Prophet Muhammad also said: the Muslim who had a mount others, which therefore ceases to his brother deal with it and which had leftover food that donase his brother.

And he said: the hand of God is with those who are grouped. And he said: the relationship that has a believer with his such is the same that have a same building bricks, each one gives firmness to the other. Allaah ordered Abraham the reconstruction of the Islamic Temple of the KAABA. Abraham did not only since I could just not have done and to carry out the task, sought the help of his son Ismael. Both because they rebuilt the KAABA.

(2: 127). Allah sent Moses to the Pharaoh of Egypt to the man awoke from its slumber, return to your healthy trial and worship one God. Moses requested the company of his brother HARUN who was more eloquent than he and his side were felt-Moses-supported. Allaah accepted and both headed where the Pharaoh. (20: 29-32). Just came to Medina, Prophet Muhammad, be upon him peace, he thought of the construction of a mosque. All together Muslims worked and even the very same Prophet of Islam. Finally, thanks to the effort of all, was erected the mosque with adobe and Palm tree trunks. Later in the battle of the trench and after hearing the opinion of SALMAN FARISI all Muslim participation in the excavation of the pit and took victory in the aforementioned battle. That has well cooperation and mutual support among Muslims. That this cooperation is in profit and lawful matters. Original author and source of the article.