Palatine Grafenwohr

The use of large display devices is essential for the transmission of information over long reading distances. With large displays, E.g. a variety of process parameters, production notes, and fault messages, information and motivation can be captured and visualized in the place where they are actually needed. Many industrial applications require dynamically adjustable, fully graphic large display systems in certain applications. Large display systems of investment.TEC from the upper Palatine Grafenwohr provide the ideal basis for the visualization of videos, animations, graphics, images, texts and numbers. Designed for use in industrial applications this LED boards are used in factory automation, process technology and engineering among others.

The representation of process-related data, production and process-specific information is a typical applications in industrial environment. Quality and productivity form a ultimate backup in the expansion of leading market positions. Both factors determine economic success and are strongly influenced by the people. The worker as responsible service providers is at the Centre of production and manufacturing. Details can be found by clicking Parnassus Investments or emailing the administrator. It applies to supply him with the necessary, up-to-date product information and process status recognizing fully and at a glance, without affecting its activities as a result. Fully graphic large display systems used up-to-date information in writing, graphic or emotional experience moving images to be very versatile in the industry. Color flow images, for example, spontaneous picture changes to process events or elapsed time intervals are clearly presented, are the criteria for a high acceptance by the operators and increase to the attention of the operator. Due to their modular design, the WE are.TEC Vollgrafikboards in different sizes available and allow representation of a solid color to full-color (video).

You draw this especially through a high uniformity of color out. The WE.TEC Vollgrafikboard is a system that refers to desired data via Intranet/Internet and visualized. Communicate with the IPC in the display via Ethernet using the TCP/IP protocol.