Penal Code

Vague standardisation According to indicates the legislative magistrate, changes and their application " they have not helped to obtain a standardisation very precisa" nor it makes specific, " at least in some of the conducts incorporated to the crime of bribe, in particular to the one of the active bribe impropio" , while it remembers that the Supreme one comes praising/pouring off by the nonstandardisation from this last crime. Also, Montero talks about the possibility that this cause was accumulated with the other related to the Grtel case that affects to the possible illegal financing of the PPCV and a supposed crime of prevarication on the part of the Catalan Autonomous Government, and that " with that accumulation everything alterara". Against that possibility, the rapporteur observes that " the citizens have right to that its penal procedural situation before is possible legally and without being in the hope of futureible is clarified alguno". Crime of improper bribe In this sense, the car also remembers that the facts of this cause have been described, by the public prosecutor, as constituent of a crime of improper bribe and for this reason, it insists to solve it &quot first; without perjuicio" than later it is possible to be decided on is accumulation. In this sense, Flors he explained that the consideration isolated of " singular conducta" of Strap, Crespo and Perez, " with rrencia to the flattery of articles to dress solely in question in the present procedure, it would be from very difficult encaje" in the Penal Code previous to the last reform. Flors rejected so the action of those who would direct to the corrupt plot " it could constitute a crime of active bribe that outside reverse necessary of the possible crime of passive bribe impropio" , whose commission has been attributed to Camps, Coast, Fields and Betoret. Source of the news: The TSJCV confirms that it will not judge to the ringleaders of the Grtel plot next to Camps