Police Stopped The Protesters

Belarus had its first Gay pride March on Saturday evening in Minsk. But shortly after about 200 meters, was disbanded by the police anti riot violently arrested 12 protesters. Around 40 brave Belarusians and Russians could deploy a 12 metres long Rainbow flag during the short March. At the beginning they were greeted by a large group of journalists, photographers and a television crew, stopping briefly for a photo. But when the March became the first cross, participants were stopped by several police anti riot vans. I had never seen something like this. They acted so brutal and violent, said Moscow, Nikolai Alekseev gay pride Organizer.

While the police was running behind the participants, who were trying to escape, Sergey Androsenko, principal organizer of this March Minsk was arrested. In total, 12 participants were arrested, including one of the organizers of the pride of Petersburgo and at least five Russians and other six Belarusians. In a statement received from Paris, Louis-Georges Tin, Chairman of the Committee of the international day against homophobia and transphobia (IDAHO in English) said: we are outraged to see police violence against a peaceful Act and cannot help but admire the courage of these 40 heroes who participated in this March of today despite knowing the risks. According to police sources 10 against extreme right-wing demonstrators, they were arrested in the vicinity, although we have not seen images of this operation. Belarus, which has 10 million inhabitants, is a free state associated with its neighbor Russia, and governed since 1994 by Aleksandr Lukashenko, recognized that fascist is auto called communist. The State and its President have been accused of governing the country with heavy-handed since Lukashenko came into power and there are dozens of missing and killed by State authorities. Posted by Polo Longa original author and source of the article