Practice Teacher

Someone in Russian, someone on investigated (in this case it does not matter). Is it impossible to read or listen to yourself in writing? Possible. Moreover, the prepared text, is likely to be the most complete, there will be nothing lost, and he did not depends on the mood of the teacher at this time. Pupils listen to dialogues and monologues in the target language. Without this, no one technique can do. And what prevents listen to these recordings in your favorite chair a home? Nothing.

More of the house to do it efficiently, because I can stop the audio is right where I need and play it as many times as me (!) needed. The group is simply impossible. Individual lessons can be, but as Practice shows that bored. Besides, why pay money for it, if we can manage without outside help. Repetition of the carrier. A very important point! Again, it is possible, and even more convenient to do just one thing – without the group and without teacher. And that's as many times as you need. Reading and translation from a foreign or second language.

In a group you get only a small piece of text, with the teacher, such work – a waste of money. And how I know if I translate? The correct translation can be prepared in advance and, please compare with your version is the pace that suits you. Exercises for practicing grammar and vocabulary. Same as independent exercises much more effective (you can then check the correct answer). And pick up the exercises can be precisely at the material with which problems you have, not "a group" (or is it your favorite exercises your teacher). The only thing that can not be done at an independent work, this acting out everyday situations with an open ending. That's not scenes with pre-written story (it's quite possible to do and alone), and the situations in which you want to behave according to the replica interlocutors, and they, depending on your cues, and each party has the freedom in what to say. But this is not true at the initial stage. In early is important to lay a good foundation. And after the base is laid, it is best to drop all the "crutches" of textbooks and plunge into the work with living materials: books, newspapers, movies and socializing with native speakers. So, I firmly believes that to learn English on their own it is quite possible and even preferable. One good proof of that – Seminar Igor Serov. I personally tried out his methods in practice and was quite pleased. More information about this and other resources for self-study foreign languages you can read on the site I wish you great success in learning languages!