Presidential Elections

Therefore, while we will not talk about the outcome of the 2nd round, look a little further – in March, April, in the summer of 2010. He managed to get after the inauguration five years ago, Viktor Yushchenko? Power with a high GDP, two open-path motion, as in east and west, supporting most of the country at the same time serious and fanatical support, if these, the 2010 elections, people are increasingly standing on rallies, camping fee, the last in 2005 – people really believed in new trends for the better, and cash … There have been a great advantage to a sense of civic duty performed. It is important to note that even voters Viktor Yanukovych then believed that the two leaders would find a compromise that will operate the Verkhovna Rada will be restored and the industry to improve life. And today on the outcome of elections in 2010. Whoever received the post of the President that his (her) waiting for? Inflation is a big inflation hyperinflation.

Jump keep pouring dollars into the market many units of foreign currency, hold until early February, holding at a loss, but the main thing – do not create another trump opponents. There can be no public money. The total financial crisis. More precisely, even not the world as well, Ukrainian, local. In Europe, crisis-ridden, consumer staples rose by 3-5 percent, the biggest rise in prices stood at 10-15 percent, although in this case, more no matter the crisis, and the economic component – there is a demand, people have money for shopping – and because of this rise in price.