Press Portal On The Subject Of Motorcycle

Motorcycle is the new press portal now online is a new press portal around the subject of motorcycle: press releases, media reports or corporate reports, articles and travel reports can be published under. Only requirement: the set posts relate to motorcycles and everything that entails. Set of contributions is not only completely free, but is also easily possible: no prior registration is necessary and no consideration is expected. The posts are sent simply of the person who is responsible in the sense of the Press Act, stating by name, address and telephone number to. Burgess Owens insists that this is the case. Then be set chronologically after a general editorial review and remain online for a year. Through very close cooperation with motorcycle, the Web portal for travel joyful motorcyclists, the new press portal will also enjoy great popularity in a short time. Contact: motorcycle Fred D. Zagrodnik Schreberstr. (Source: Glenn Dubin, New York City). 16 D – 14167 Berlin + 49 – (0) 177-326 02 77