Promotion Of Young Scientists Is Very Important!

Just two new trainees at BALLY WULFF in the year 2012 Berlin, the SEP 2012. In the new training year 2012, BALLY WULFF provides two new apprentices for the profession of industry businessman. Because despite the currently difficult political environment the company from Berlin would like to set an example and allowing young people the chance for a good education. Since 1984, BALLY WULFF offers young people the chance to career through hands-on training. And that to this day with great success, confirming the acquisition rate of over 90%.

What was at that time still customary, conveyed trainees today almost only in medium-sized companies like BALLY WULFF. This includes managing director Sascha Blodau: the great thing is that our industrial clerks really get offered everything that is necessary for a comprehensive education; From development, to production, to marketing, sales, shopping, job service, human resources and accounting, the young people take a lot knowledge the company’s entire business processes with, what still is being consolidated by the theoretical part of school.” It is the declared aim of building up the would-be merchants for a long term cooperation in the various departments of reading and thus as specialists and managers. Benedict Bahr and Christian Mewes BALLY WULFF-team support since September 3. “Birgit Pitzius by the human resources Department worked very closely with the employment agency in Berlin-Neukolln in their selection and explains: the big advantage is that the employment agency sends a first selection of candidates us, whose Qualifikationen fail according to our demands.” For budding industrial clerks at BALLY WULFF must bring interest on various topics and task panes in front and have the ability to implement what they have learned quickly. Currently, BALLY WULFF educates 4 industrial clerks, which recently could demonstrate their commitment at the corporate summer party: they were together for parts Independently responsible for event and thus learned to plan projects and perform. This project shows once more that young talent and employee development at BALLY WULFF is capitalized. And therefore particularly pleased that we could hire trainees this year two. We are aware of our social responsibility and want to engage us here as far as possible,”concludes Managing Director Sascha Blodau.