A fact is something from your past that you can’t change, while the interpretation of this fact is subjective, this rooted to the shape in you have experienced/perceived/sense that fact. Do you understand the difference? Does a fact could be for example: Ana was born in the year 1976?. We can not change this. A interpretation on that fact could be Ana is a young person. How can we ensure this? We cannot, because the interpretation lives in the mind of the person who expresses it or thinks it. Filed under: Frank Ntilikina. For some, Ana will look young; for others, Ana will seem higher. Young, older are adjectives that denote judgments, interpretations, opinions about the fact that Yes you can change and you can create thousands of them agree to different observers who has the same fact. Now that you know the difference, you work with your particular case.

He works in differentiating made interpretation in your story. 3 Discover how you have the power to change the interpretation of a fact that you have lived. If you do not choose new ways to tell you what happened you, most likely that this apparently negative experience follow hinder your path toward a future better. To generate or create this new history can begin to ask you the following questions: do is the future projected by your interpretations on what you have? so happened? What are the doors that will open according to your interpretation of the facts? What are that you close? These living these beliefs as if they were absolutely certain or you think that you can change them? Keep in mind that these interpretations may be the basis of the discomfort you’re feeling at the moment. Your beliefs directly influence your emotions, either to feel discomfort or to feel well-being. Disarm the mechanism vicious interpret the past improperly so that it does not influence negatively on your emotions of the present.

He returns to tell you the story, but this time takes the reins of the same. Do not see yourself as a helpless victim of the situation, but as the protagonist of it, knowing that it is in your hands find learning and opportunity in that history. Remember that you can always ask you yourself what lessons can take those facts and what are the chances that you open that you’ve not seen before. Think seriously about what was your responsibility at that given time and how You can change your point of view to serve you support towards what you want to achieve. You can choose how to interpret your past to let it weigh you and you can find in it a new chance. You encourage already same to you reencuentres you with your past and you begin to tell new stories that will serve as a support on the path to what you want to be, do and have. I look forward your comments! I hope in.