Reason Hand

It threaded the hand in the pocket of the left side and obtained two currencies, that would give to buy a bullet and a peanut. It placed the hand in the pocket of the shirt and felt the texture of a paper. Who knows a note of twenty or cinquenta one. It removed the paper of the pocket and saw that it was a brochure. Its head still half was darkened. Slowly it went recouping the full conscience and the pain of being an unemployed came back to punish its heart. That same brochure was that one? The memory searched a little and finished for recouping it total. While drunk seated in the table of the bar, it passed a group of people, each one with a Bible in the hand, distributing these brochures.

The young to decide to read. Its heart was gone off. Its soul in agony. It wanted an exit. It wanted aid. Seated under of the marquee it read: ‘ ‘ Therefore the Lamb that if finds in the way it throne will feed them it will guide and them for the sources of the water of the life.

God will dry them of the eyes all lgrima.’ ‘ Apocalypse 7:17 did not need more nothing. tears had gone down. Its interior if revolutionized. It felt as if a great squeeze if loosened in its heart. Until it arrived to imagine a hand strong pressing its heart vigorously and, of one hour for another one, freeing it of the squeeze. It felt a relief. Wise person not to only explain the reason. In the verse of the brochure she had an address of a church that functioned in the center of the city and had attendance spiritual 24 hours per day. The young did not have more doubt. Immediately it was placed of foot and it was. When arriving in the place very it was well received. It received Biblical conjunct and teachings. When asking to the missionary took care of who it what he had happened with it its eyes had come back to lacrimejar. The shepherd answered: ‘ ‘ You had a meeting with God. It loves to it and goes taking care of of you!