Rio Branco

Trajane, installed, has very, in cunani and considered as representative officer of the Frana' '. When having notice of this attempted against, the governor of the Guyana gave order to the commander of the Bengali (French warship), to go the Cunani to evidence the conditions of the abduction and to go after that Amap to get its libertao.' ' In fact, in the previous year they had been discovered gold deposits in the River Caloene and had started to appear adventurers of all the sides. The Brazilians had constituted a triunvirato where he appeared Francisco Xavier of the Cabral&#039 Fertile valley; '. ' ' The authorities of Caiena, for its lado' ' , Arajo says Jorge, ' ' they had delegated to be able in the same region to an old black color of Trajano name, of beginning, is necessary to point that Rio Branco, from the moment that was determined the survey in the Amap, if puted in charge of the writing them bases treated it to survey. That in the case, it would serve for the defense of the rights of Brazil in the question. In this direction, the Baron of the Rio Branco, started for moving away to the idea from resource to a court or commission of> survey for judging always imperfect the works carried through in a group where the responsibilities are divided; Rio Branco advised, before the choice of an only arbitrator, preference a head of State, offering bigger guarantees. How much to the limitation being able of them of the arbitrator, it suggested two conditions of capital importance: in first place, that fit to the finding to decide which of the rivers was the true Oiapoque of the Treated one to Utrecht, without the right to consider intermediate solution. Still in accordance with OAK, 1998, P. 206, in according to place, that in relation to the line east-west, decided for one of the two proposals for the parts or was one third, in accordance with the principles of the international law in the case of indetermined borders.