Santa Catarina Captainship

The economic progression started to demand better port conditions and new accesses. The growth or the stagnation of Saints was tied with the relation of the city with plateaus. Since it was a door opened for the sea, it was if opening for the interior. In the dissertao regarding the captainship of So Paulo de Marcelino Cleto Pear tree in 1782, the question of the growth of Saints as generating of the development of all was boarded the province: The natural and proper land of the captainship of So Paulo for the establishment of the government, together of the farm, house of casting, proper regiment of the square of Saints and still Voluntary Reals is the village of Saints; because it is almost in the way of the navy, it is optimum port and village of the captainship, that the city of So Paulo, and increasing itself, also would increase the lands of the hinterland, that they cannot have growth notable, and permanent, without the navy has a good land and florescente. In opposition to the terminal landmark of the colonial expansion the west, in the side east of the island, initial landmark where it is the Outeiro of Santa Catarina., had been constructed the quartis where the military and administrative functions if had developed, sheltering the population most modest, constituted of fishing, people that lived of the extration of firewood of the fens, – caboclo and mulatos. In this manner, in century XVIII, the village already was constituted of two opposing nuclei in its localization: Valongo and Quartis. In the nucleus of the Valongo, more recent, the commercial sector of the Portuguese who resisted, proud of its conquering spirit predominated, to the native intruders in its main businesses. It had fort competition of commercial origin between the two quarters. Ana Lucia Duarte Lanna, in its workmanship a City in Transistion Saints: 1870-1913, comment the tensions that if revealed in the period between the 2 quarters, citing an aggravation in the confrontations, arriving to worry the authorities when earning ' ' forums of tradio' ' if to transform into fight politics.