Santa Cruz Plant

Finally, the verbal source was used as form to catch information that the document nor always discloses. To 8 (eight) interviews with former-employees and former-heads of section had been all carried through. The choice of the interviewed ones obeyed the criterion of the availability to have inside lived deeply this period of the plants Santa Cruz and Bomfim.Para Gil (1999), the interview consists par excellence of one technique of inquiry that does not only have collection purpose, but also the objective to diagnosis and to guide. The open interviews of the type according to are cited author, the ones that leave the interviewed one with freedom of answers, therefore do not suggest no option of choice. It standes out despite these are important because they make possible to the excellent researchers given on facts run in determined times and still it prevents that it has a loss of time with field survey.

systematization of the information if gave in two chapters. The first one come back toward the Santa Cruz Plant, relating moments lived at this time, how much to the interpersonal relationship inside of the company and the paper of the woman in the estanciana economy. As was to also approach the pertinent questions the Plant Gentleman of the Bomfim relating the same problematizao cited in the first chapter. Finally, to contribute so that educators can work with its pupils showing the importance of the feminine work in the textile industry, an example of determination, overcoming and courage in facing the machista universe, where the preconceptions were arisen visibly in the faces of that they composed the Brazilian society of poca.2 – TEORICABuscaremos RECITAL to focus the transformation process occured mechanics in the world and its influences. Therefore according to Spider, the installation of the plants happened from the capitalism, where the women whom they needed to complete the domestic budget had entered the life professional, starting there the double hours of working.