How many times attending a birth, gynecologists have had to suffer from this terrible complication the h m a t o m a post partum! to my I will have gone about 4 times – of which I remember – acknowledge with chivalry – perhaps that I remember is the following had the clinic Virgen del Pilar aperturado, but still not working even as a clinic, so some Parthians who insisted my patients that I will serve them, he attended them in the premises and perhaps the first or second time that served there occurred the terrible complication. l undoubtedly add to your understanding. They were like 8.30 in the evening, a Saturday Dr. Alvarado he had retired, I was about to retire and became a patient from Viru accompanied by a family Entourage, I had attended several relatives including his mother, when I examined it he was already nearly full, so I said well this is easy and I decided to take care ofWhen (at this time already normal births catered them Alvarado), apparently everything was quick and everything went well, I suture and we were passing it to his room but much complained and before removing I entered I doubt and I examined it and I found what they feared a great soft collection renitente and painful was a HEMATOMA!, Alvarado returned, but I told him that he no longer needed it and walked away, when I discovered the hematoma Uf already knew what awaited me no anesthesiologist wanted to go! no gynaecologist wanted to help!, Alvarado did not reach his house, had no cell phone, after much deal agreed to go Dr. Jorge, you put your Raquidea and I sat opposite the patient, I drene that great intravaginal collection came out clots and dark blood, it drained, I cleaned and did not find the vessel that was bleeding suturaba blind here and there!!! It desesperaba me, sweating, wanted to help, called Dr. Ortecho and told me drain it nothing more! and leave it at that, only for the bleeding!, but I stubborn went looking for the vessel that was bleeding, ran out the spinal, the anesthesiologist told me and leave it there, with great dressings compression I did several minutes, always the silent prayer that pray, that nobody listens to you, those that pray with great faith and the Lord always accepts, and heard me when I removed the dressing I was not bleeding!I left it there two hours more, I gave him antibiotics and spent it to his room when I went out to dinner were 11.30 o’clock I returned at one and at 3 in the morning and the patient was fine, the rest is managed with antibiotics and enzyme creams.