School Mother

I did not have infancy, therefore to the six years, I already had the responsibilities to take account of my sister with three years and of my brother with one year, my mother left them with the neighbor until I to arrive of the school. I did not have toys, did not have time to participate of the tricks of wheels, had that to sleep early, therefore the day started early for me, exactly that I had time, the girls did not want me for close, therefore I taxed age of ‘ ‘ poor person miservel’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ passafome’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ feridenta’ ‘ (I had wounded in the body all), ‘ ‘ marisqueira’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ acar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ enxofre’ ‘ , because we tomavamos bath and we bebiamos water with sulphur, to sarar the wounds who we tinhamos all for the body, was as many nicknames it magoava that me and I cried very. In the school, era’ could not play there therefore not; ‘ place to play and yes of estudar’ ‘ , this age the motto of the school, the hour of the snack was seated in the chair, I did not have snack, then the teacher ordered I to lower the head and to close the eyes.

In mine eleven years, the woman of the ice-cream dealer where my mother bought picols, she called my mother to help to make foods therefore it supplied metal pans, of this day in ahead our life moved for better, my mother took all we stops helping, finally we would be remunerated there. >Intel. I catava beans, rice, cleaned pans, passed oil of peroba in the furniture of the house, this age my first one remunerated work and, and our meals were not charged, and still we brought what it sobrava. We start to arrange our barraco, strengthen with new wood and strong, we made the thick partition wall of: rooms, room, kitchen and bathroom. We buy our beds, table with chairs, stove, refrigerator, radio and until television, were used, but conserved..