Selecting Professionals

Today the companies, at the time of engaging personnel, are not satisfied only to selecting professionals who know to do or a certain work or who have specific academic or technical knowledge. Many companies worry in engaging professionals who reunite a certain type of abilities or qualities. And each job demands a series of competitions. Each company has its own listing of competitions and the evaluation of the behaviors that are associated to each one of the competitions. Of the same form the competitions vary if the company looks for called candidates to occupy a first use (learning capacity, flexibility to adapt to the changes, work in equipment, empathy) or if it tries to cover positions that require experience (initiative, capacity of decision and management of creativity, work parties, leadership, control of the emotions). Many and varied methodologies exist to analyze and to measure the competitions of the candidates to occupy a job or internamente to promote the employees of a company. These systems of measurement and evaluation look for precise information on the competitions required for the position.

It exists, nevertheless, the possibility that the companies know the competitions and natural abilities of their candidates or employees through the interaction of these with horses. Using to horse, which, through a series of exercises and specific tests that they do not require to mount to the animal, facilitate immediate and direct answers, sincere and the true ones it exceeds how we are and how we were related, we communicated and we generated confidence in the others. The horses do not judge, simply react, of natural and honest form, and put on approval our competitions of leadership, coherence, empathy, security and clarity of intention. With this methodology the company, the answers of the horses, it can detect and open, among his employees, to leaders who until the moment were occupying put without no type of responsibility and that, with the due formation and preparation, is called to exert a leadership effective. In the same way, the danger is run to put in evidence to controls of the company that do not secure an answer (of leadership) adapted on the part of the horses, but that, following an action plan so that it works those competitions that need improvement, can exert a true and effective leadership. We can conclude that this tool can be a complement to the traditional systems of evaluation that allow more accurately to accelerate and to define the competitions of used futures or those in process of internal promotion.