Special Bone Procedure

Unlike other joints, capable of performing movement in two directions, temporomandibular, thanks to the complexity of its design, can carry the motion in three directions. Any changes to it are difficult to correct. Why are teeth moved? Contrary popular belief, the tooth is still not adherent to the jaw bone. Just its root firmly fixed in the tooth hole thin fibers of connective tissue. When the wall of the tooth holes directed short duration pressure bone tissue in this area resorbed by opening the tooth space to move. On the other hand, where the stretched fibers of connective tissue, new bone is formed, Shore tooth without giving him a return to original location.

This biological property is also remarkable that nature is preserved throughout the life of man and skillfully used by professionals. What are braces? In translation from English, the word means 'Bracket'. In fact, this 'hook' is an extremely difficult configuration, highly accurate and jewelry on the product structure. In order to create the system in the middle of last century selected individuals, for whom nature was generous and gave perfect teeth. So, by measuring the angle at which the direction in which each individual is a tooth, the first braces were constructed. Procedure Special glue fixation bracket attached to the tooth and gives him a programmed direction of movement. Effort to move the teeth braces takes on the arc – the wire fixed in it and rendering continuous pressure on the wrong "tooth. Only non-removable devices can move a tooth hull, ie without the inclination to straighten the root of the tooth, the tooth to rotate on an axis.