State Architectural Documents

That is, you will need: 1. Decided on a list of the works for execution building organization. 2. In accordance with the license conditions, with a selected list of construction activities pick up: – the necessary equipment (must be a passport or lease, construction machinery should be believing) – Specialists (diplomas of higher education in construction and employment records – with the confirmation of work experience not less than 3 years) – Laboratory (lease or own) – to have specially trained technicians the right to engage in construction in seismic zone – have a special permit (, sbu ) 3. To form a package of documents – job descriptions, the structure of professionals and workers, a list of equipment, quality standards, construction norms, DBNy 4. Provide a complete package of documents to an expert center, which, in turn, leaves the enterprise to validate the submitted documents and make an expert opinion. 5.

Provide a complete package of documents and expert opinion to the provisional committee of the territorial department of architecture and construction inspection. 6. Provide a complete package of documents with the decisions expert committee and Territorial Division of Architecture and Construction Inspection and go (to defend) the commission of the Main Branch of the architectural and construction inspection. Due to the increasing number of agencies required to obtain registration documents (Expertise Centre, Department of Territorial Licensing Commission, the State Architectural and Building Inspection) increased and timing of construction licenses. 30 working days – the minimum period of obtaining building permits for legally correct passage of all stages. This period declares Main Architectural Building Inspection (extinguish). Validity building permit – a period during which Licensee may exercise its construction activities with the carrying out of a list of works that had been listed in the Annex to the license. This period is as follows: the new Organization – 3 years for the organization with a building license – 5 years. Government payments required to obtain licenses for the construction of: 1) 630 usd. – For a license, 2) board for passing the examination.