Superman CD-ROM

If Superlopez resembled Superman, CD-ROM resembles Batman. It is not a flesh and blood but a virtual superhero character. You can buy printed edition (12) or digital, much cheaper (5.99). Superlopez was born in the 1970s, inspired by Superman. However, the super Spanish had mustache, was folksy and in his first strips should that reconcile his life of hero with married life.

Now times have changed and the great Jan bets on a new character inspired by the world of technology. Jan, Spanish comic icon reinvents his 72 years and after nearly three decades with the superhero with a moustache. It has created a new character, CD-ROM, a virtual superhero who in this case resembles Batman. Jan will continue with the Superlopez comic books, but the latter will have to share the genius of Jan with the new hero. CD-ROM is the best friend of Chip, a young computer man that lives amazing adventures. But is not a friend of flesh and bone, but a virtual superhero that helps Chip whenever you need it. Ediciones B bet for digital comic that began with Mortadelo and Filemon to recycle has been said! stronger than is done now CD-ROM goes on sale September 7 simultaneously in paper and digital.

CD-ROM will be available through the website of Koomic for 5.99 euros, while the paper edition will be available at major bookstores for 12 euros. Esdecomic Digital is a company of distribution, and digitisation of editorial content of recent creation arising from the business union of Fenix studio and SD distributions, totaling more of 35 years experience in the publishing sector. The first shop of digital comics in Spain, Koomic, created by Esdecomic Digital, allows the purchase and reading comics on mobile devices (via apps that are available in the virtual stores) and computers. Ediciones B is the unit of Grupo Zeta books and has houses in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Your editorial offer, one of the most extensive within the publishing market of Hispanic, translates into Ediciones B, Vergara and Zeta Pocket seals. The offer of comic, among which highlights the work of Francisco Ibanez deserves special mention.