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Carlos Mora Vanegas is better travel full of hope that Japanese proverb overview we are fully aware that the characteristics of scenarios of the present are very dynamic, changing, stressful, requiring management to know interpret them, Act on them with discipline, responsibility, without be carried away by stimuli that caused disharmony, otherwise, knows to interpret…

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National System

It provides to personnel specialized a new therapeutic tool for its use in the performance of his welfare work within the National System of Health, he constitutes one deepening in the scientific method for the application of this modality during the exercise of the profession and in the investigation. It responds to the needs precise…

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University Comedy

The love to the use. THE VOICE OF A REMARKABLE ARTIST Soli’s has a great importance like historian, but very she was also celebrated like comedigrafo. Its theater is distinguished by its predominant satirical tone, particularly about of the love, whose moving bodies examine of a realistic way, positive and, sometimes, cynical, well different from…

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