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Greece Band

As the Democratic National Party, which Mubarak belonged, it is strongest of the country, this indefinitely passed to be indicated the president, since the death of Anwar Sadat, occured in 1981. With a Law of Emergency imposed to Egypt since the death of Sadat, Mubarak had ample to be able on the country and the…

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Brazilian One

I call gratuitous exploration that one that points the searchlights with respect to pain and it does not stop what it will help to the society and the government to decide the problem. This history of that the commotion pressures the authorities is greater papo pierced ragged excuse of the vehicle who places the money…

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Federal Constitution

Each public office will have proper denomination, as well as described its attributions, its duties and the responsibilities, inherent to each one, in the form that to make use the Federal Constitution the sort of the indicative names of the public offices must obey what it makes use the Law n 2,749, of 02/04/56? D.O.U…

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