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Antonio Sampaio Construction

The constructions in masonry shelter the school, the administrative headquarters, the infirmary and the habitations of the employees of the Reserve. The Rank, however, was not frequented for the inhabitants of the other villages, of which the most developed it was by rough estimate d? Water of the Priests, had the proximity of a dam…

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Document Management

Document management or the ability to organize and manage documentation has existed for many thousands of years. 1. At the beginning of document management, for thousands of years: the old libraries organized listings of documents through folders and categories (eg. The Vatican Library still organize their documents by categories). Subsequently, the development of the system…

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Santa Cruz Plant

Finally, the verbal source was used as form to catch information that the document nor always discloses. To 8 (eight) interviews with former-employees and former-heads of section had been all carried through. The choice of the interviewed ones obeyed the criterion of the availability to have inside lived deeply this period of the plants Santa…

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