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House Building

But this raises the problem of growth rates. In such circumstances, the builders will never reach the desired minimum cost of housing. It is a vicious circle. What can builders and developers in these circumstances? To find the maximum of urban, planning, technology solutions in order to minimize the cost square meter. I do not…

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The Entrepreneur

For tortured routine cares about profits, stupid staff, loans, taxes and other "pleasures of life" of our time entrepreneur, is the writer's pastime may seem somewhat strange, to say the least. But the question remains – why? Here is why. This is the only effective way to start the embodiment of an idea physically –…

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Healthy Climate

Did you know that children living in families in which family members are frequently under stress, prone to twice the risk to get overweight than children living in a peaceful atmosphere? What is really necessary for our beloved flock to happiness? Of course, first of all, happy parents, and the perfect combination – healthy food,…

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