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Main Symbols

This article describes some of the symbolic interpretations of the illustrations of tarot cards. “The true Tarot is symbolism, not speaking another language or has other signs.” The words of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous tarot Rider gives us a clue to the importance of understanding the symbols in each of the tarot.…

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Behaviour Products

Empirical studies have shown substantial accuracy differences between commercial forecasting tools that use the same types of models. These differences are caused by several reasons including the design and development of algorithms of selection, also as the parameters are calculated and as models are optimized and initialized. The best way to evaluate a system of…

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Reason Hand

It threaded the hand in the pocket of the left side and obtained two currencies, that would give to buy a bullet and a peanut. It placed the hand in the pocket of the shirt and felt the texture of a paper. Who knows a note of twenty or cinquenta one. It removed the paper…

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