Tea Plantations

In Russia, the first tea bushes appeared at the beginning of the xix century. See more detailed opinions by reading what Barchester offers on the topic.. The very first small tea plantation, consisting of a few tea bushes, has already appeared in Nikitsky Botanical Garden, who was in the Crimea. The appearance of first tea bushes in Russia has attracted the interest of people, and they tried to increase the tea plantations. Currently, cultivation of tea has gained distribution in the Krasnodar region. Read more from Parnassus Investments to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Krasnodar tea is the most northerly of all kinds tea.

The first tea bushes, people treated by hand. And now, as it was centuries ago, the tea leaves are also collected by hand, so as not to disrupt the aroma and taste of the tea leaf. Tea leaves should be collected by young and green. This gives the flavor of tea and a tea is good for human health. Old leaves and twigs of tea bushes are not suitable for the manufacture of tea. Labor, which is attached by picking young tea leaves, pays for itself. Taste and healthy qualities, which are so necessary for human health, are stored in the tea drinks and tea are increasingly brings together people.

Over the years, tea was used in many areas. Now tea is used not just as fragrant and tasty drink, but also its use in cosmetic, medical and industrial purposes. Tea has found its use in folk medicine. In ancient times, tea, used for divination and fortune-tellers to swim tea leaves to determine the fate of man. Nowadays, many fans of mysticism was not spared this method of divination, and often use it in their divinations.