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Acquire knowledgeis better than a course, what delivery is very slow and poor is why you must decide well who’re going to work on your way of learning electric guitar, here’s a very useful free minicourse at time to engage your bases. Here there is a minicourse of free guitar: learn electric guitar. Tip 4: Find your pace of learning a time you have your guide, either course or private lessons, find your rhythm and advances, advances and progresses, don’t stop, as once someone said out there, don’t be afraid to go slow, fears do not advance. Once you already hung the rhythm, it is only a matter of time so that you go making guitarist, namely that at the time of having private lessons, your going to the rhythm of the teacher, so that’s a point against. Tip 5: Follow motivated now, you have your good guide, and you have your rhythm, as we said is a matter of time, perhaps at the beginning things are complicated, and could seem that is very difficult to learn to play guitar, but believe me, it is only practice, don’t ever lose motivation because it is this which will take you to achieve your goals. 6 Tip: Touch and play after a few weeks or months with a good mentor, it is safe you’re already going to you have a great improvement in your ability to play guitar, you will have greater ease and solides, both in your guitar solos, on your rhythms and accompaniments, is now just a matter of keep playing, playing and touching while you watch tv, while doing some activity that allows you to play the guitar, this will make you disocies better your hands, making that you touches almost unconsciously. Tip 7: Wanting more because of several months, I assure you, it surprised you, see how you’ve acquired a good technique for touching, then, what is equally important, I really like your musical ear has been developed, is that moment when your can start to compose and create your own songs, with musical ear, you can distinguish that notes and chords to sound good between if, why quete recommend not let up there your learning, go for more, since who knows if you don’t have an ability to hide out there. If you want to start learning guitar here can begin without having to make an investment yet: learn electric guitar. Original author and source of the article..