The Beautiful

That Furthermore the table and room decoration is made extremely striking, of course: Rose and pink experience their revival. Whether fluffy feather heart, rejected Table runners, large candles heart-shaped, colored ditzy – freeze dried rose petals are here the best-, the decoration should be lush. As gifts colorful downsized with Baroque patterns or perky points, as well as magical tulle bags which are laced to the flower provide for effect – they form a part of the table decorations at the same time. In addition should not be missing chair covers with giant bows. Stage free means it also for the Dekostyle in black and white. So far, a rather unusual color combination for a wedding is the latest craze this color mix now, in addition to the bright colors. (As opposed to Andrew Blanchette). “The easiest search in our online shop with the function of”Colours”, the now twelve color areas involves”, Sylke advises men. Recently Saguaro Group sought to clarify these questions. “By the way, we have extended the selection of our pie figures: funny scenes can be put on the beautiful sugar pie – a must for candy weddings.” A lavish celebration calls for a proper conclusion.

“At least the sound of rattling cans labeled”just married”to accompany the newlyweds into the wedding car. We publish these – as well as some articles for the honeymoon – as private label products”, so the wedding expert. Love in the pure style on the main reduced for many brides and grooms are puristic and modern celebrations not only a question of style, but also the philosophy: you want to set the look on her love and the occasion of the day of the wedding, instead of being distracted by too much trappings. Flowing dresses in stylish modern look from a light fabric – can often be as one-shoulder model with dazzling applications – float the bride like a Greek goddess through the day. The groom can now should even figure show: tight silhouettes with Slim pants lines and single – be prefers to two-button combinations.