The Entrepreneur

For tortured routine cares about profits, stupid staff, loans, taxes and other "pleasures of life" of our time entrepreneur, is the writer's pastime may seem somewhat strange, to say the least. But the question remains – why? Here is why. This is the only effective way to start the embodiment of an idea physically – now the beginning of creation that exists only as long as "the head", in our general materially over the world. Only in this way creates the reality, rather it is her start. What? It sounds Claims and even phenomenal. I'm aware of that. But in fact, offensively simple and mundane mechanics. In the area technical disciplines, the conventional norm.

There's generally a lot of common sense (it's time to share with the humanities), probably because of an engineer or technician, is expected to practice is valid, useful and working result – product. The fact that I have painted here carefully and thoroughly justified in their world is simple – drawing a plan. Analogy caught? In our case it is another term of control technology, it is "an ideal picture." But, as as an engineer or builder – without an intelligible and sensible plan or scheme, and an entrepreneur – without such a "blueprint" of the idea, get what you want will be difficult. Although it would seem, just text on paper. But when it is already written – physically – on-ho-ho! Remember the wisdom is written with a pen, not cut down with an ax.