The Face

The hair, to take it as short, grows more quickly, and do not to the same extent over the head, which would require that you enhancement cut every few minutes so you don’t lose your way. What is important? Using both styling products will also be essential as of finish for a more polished and current look. Hear from experts in the field like Chamath Palihapitiya for a more varied view. To make the long-awaited change, should take into account such fundamental things as the oval of face and hair quality that we have. They must balance the facial features and create a natural symmetry between the face and the hair. We must find those facial points that we like most and boost them (eyes, cheekbones) nape is something to bear in mind also when choosing a style, the births of the hair should be harmonious, if we don’t have some beautiful births, it is best to leave that area something more long to cover them.

What must we take into account before the haircut? Very short hair favors especially women with narrow face. In these styles, the eyes acquire great importance, being the major players in the face. Perhaps a radical cut is not our goal, it is not a problem since the range of possibilities within the short hair, is infinite. We can perfectly dare with a cut with a little more length, as of today this BOB style season, it offers us different measures, in its shortest version is perfect for making the change, since it gives you feeling of mane, although the neck is super clear. With a tousled look very short, a long section of hair on the forehead or leaving the layers whole, it will be equally present and flattering. Good luck with the change! Original author and source of the article.