The Health

BRAZIL (2004), says that a unit of health of the family with one has together equipped multiprofessional, must be apt to carrying through continuous attention of form to developing the promotion, protection and recovery of the health. One gives credit that the basic units are capable to decide 85% of the problems of health in its communities, giving quality attendance, preventing unnecessary internments and improving the quality of life of the population (COAST and CARBONE, 2004, P. 8). As BRAZIL (2004), amongst the lines of direction of the Health department, the health of the family has as objective: to give integral, continuous assistance, with responsibility and good quality of health of the population, to intervine on the risk factors which the population is displayed, to humanizar practical of health thus providing, a bond enters the professionals of health and the population, to establish partnerships through the development of intersetoriais actions, to contribute for the democratization of the knowledge of the process health/illness, of the organization of the services and the social production of the health, to provide with that the health is a citizenship right and to stimulate the organization of the community for effective exercise of the social control. The model of the health of the family adopts some operational intentions and concepts of as it functions the units of health of the family.

They are: Adscrio of the clientele? each unit has that to register in cadastre and to follow the entailed population to an area. The pertaining team or teams to the unit of the health of the family is responsible for an area where it contains of 600 the 1,000 families, with a maximum limit of 4.500 inhabitants. the cadastre will have in accordance with to be made with the visit to the domiciles the territorial area (COAST and CARBONE, 2009). Completeness and hierarquizao? the USF is tied in the basic attention and thus, it must guarantee attention integral to the individuals and families, of form to always supporting how much the necessity of clinics and services of bigger complexity in accordance with its state of health (YOU MARK, 2002).