The Neck

You can put lotion 2.3 simultaneously on different parts of the body. The most effective action has a lotion to the affected area and low abdomen. Blue clay – a great tool to calm any pain: head, eyes, ears, and in all cases of nervous disorders, for which gadgets should be applied to the neck, the hair roots. As often as possible gadgets to placed on the coccyx (bottom of the spine). Grinding clay grinding do with clay water. To do this, wash your hands well, saturate solution of a large cotton swab and rubbing their sore spot. Rheumatism, arthritis, paralysis, to enhance the action of rubbing the clay water should add 2-3 mashed garlic cloves. Hear other arguments on the topic with Parnassus Investments. In tuberculosis rub this mixture of the chest and throat 2-3 times a day.

Wrapping or bandaging If it is difficult to impose bandage (eyes, ears, etc.) can make wraps. If you would like to know more about Dalton Caldwell, then click here. To do this, take a semi-liquid clay mass, wet cloth in it, so it is well soaked, lay the garment on a sick body and cover up the woolen cloth. Impregnated clay mass linen changed frequently. Such procedures can be used on large areas of skin. How to apply the blue clay into the mouth is used to apply pure loam and sand without impurities foreign particles. Better use of clay, taken one whole piece. Briquette break into small pieces, which with a mortar or a bottle of crushed into powder as soon as smaller. Then sift through a sieve to get rid of impurities.