The Perseverance

-The important thing is to live the virtues by what they represent, not by people who at some point dictate a norm. With all of the above we see that even without realizing it, the relationships that we have managed to maintain are largely due to the experience of the value of loyalty ultimately reminds us,., loyalty is a key that allows us to have a real success When we relate, which is difficult to obtain. It is very common person than knowing that you can get something from us bring us closer, and we leave when we cease to be useful, and what has just been happening is that these people are not trustworthy. Loyalty is essential, the acquaintances made friends through mutual loyalty. It is our duty to be loyal to those who depend on us: family, friends, and co-workers; loyalty is kindly love in action.

It is enhance the energy that comes into our body to care for our attitudes and thoughts. Loyalty in this sense, is closely related to the perseverance, responsibility, respect, prudence, etc. But loyalty is the value that helps the person to act with consistency with respect to the given word or is it simply become aware that, without having given the word, arises the need to assimilate it freely. Loyalty doesn’t make sense if these values are not permanent. The duty of the person to be loyal to itself, to be able to act in the same way with each person or with institutions that are working or studying.

Decalogue 1 loyalty. The loyal person, it is with the family, friends, institutions and our homeland. 2 Speak ill of someone who is not present is a lack of loyalty to that person. 3 Have a sense of belonging, caring for our monuments and nature reserves. 4. The commitment to our superiors must be total.