The Secret

A few years ago a video was released and a book called “The Secret” which talks about how quantum physics affects the lives of people from the economic standpoint, health, interpersonal relationships, love , etc. I must admit that this video has attracted the attention of many people who now try to apply daily techniques taught there. I bring to table this issue, because the mention that one should focus on what you want and the mind away from what is not wanted, and show the specific case of debts. With regard to this specific issue, say that people who are all day mortified and concerned by the debts are not going to attract to their lives is anything but debts. On the contrary, if people focus on prosperity then it is just that what you get. Think about it for a moment, surely you know someone with excellent economic situation, at best, you are one of those people who has had the privilege of knowing from the business world, these people own and / or shareholders of corporations, partnerships and corporations.

The point is, if you have had the opportunity to exchange some words with these people and asks if actualmene are incurring debt, what you think will be your response? Do you think those magnates do not buy debt today? How you think they built their business? With the money in your pocket? Do you think that they have demonized the debts as many people on the street do it? What I want you to reconsider is that regardless if you are drowning in debt today, or in contrast, is an excellent property, you should know how to deal with the debts. If you want to follow the recommendations of fashion, as explained in the video for “The Secret.” You have to know how to pay their debts. If you wish to have more, from a financial standpoint, to incur debts and know how to do it without harming its excellent financial position. Debts are always going to play a role or role in your life. Will always being there!. The question is, do you want to play with you debts?