Treating Problems

If you are always concentrated on distributing the wealth so to speak, you will see that most of their employees they will begin to imitate that feature of his character. Integrity: Integrity and honesty are related, but they are very different. Integrity is his commitment with products and services of quality and their loyalty with the company, their work and their employees. Integrity is also committed to serving your employees and customers to the maximum of their capacities, all the time and doing it in an open way. Managers who lack integrity often have problems with those employees who also lack integrity. Unethical managers usually attract unethical employees and end up with the spirit of good employees.

Corporate cultures that foster practices and unethical habits almost always end up having problems with customers, employees and even the law. Methodology fairness: Treating all employees equally, even those who likes or those who don’t matter, is also an intangible quality that all good managers possess. Create an aura of impartiality in work not only creates employees happier, also helps foster a sense of community in the workplace and helps create ties between you and your employees. Do not treat everyone the same way can lead to problems of morale, production and even legal problems if an employee feels that he is being treated unfairly. If it treats its employees with fairness also facilitate things when you have to ask your employees to strive more in their normal working routines.

All managers have to do this occasionally and when they have to do it, the way they treat their employees will be reflected in your response to your requests. Managers that foster an aura of impartiality and equality will have employees who will be willing to sacrifice their time to complete a project or work late. Managers who do not treat their employees with fairness often will have to deal with employees who saved resentments and are not willing to make an extra effort for the Manager or the company.