University Comedy

The love to the use. THE VOICE OF A REMARKABLE ARTIST Soli’s has a great importance like historian, but very she was also celebrated like comedigrafo. Its theater is distinguished by its predominant satirical tone, particularly about of the love, whose moving bodies examine of a realistic way, positive and, sometimes, cynical, well different from the chivalrous attitudes that seem consubstantial with the Spanish golden comedy. Perhaps by this elegant cynicism the loving comedies of Soli’s were liked and celebrated during century XVIII, with preference to masterpieces of other dramatists. They deserve to stand out gitanilla of Madrid, a clown does one hundred, doctor Carlino, equal title to the one of a comedy of Gngora, and mainly the love to the use, its better work, than was translated by Scarron with the title of L” amour mode.

Soli’s wrote sagradas lyrical poetries and you profane of gongorino taste, and Letters. Antonio de Soli’s and Rivadeneyra was born in Alcala de Henares the 18 from July from 1610. It attended his studies in the University of his native city to conclude them in the salmantina University, where one graduated both in right. It composed his first comedy, Love and obligation, to the seventeen years, in 1627, and was to the service of Count de Oropesa, like secretary. In the middle of its difficulties that, as he himself says, him left forced ” to undo to me of the car and to eat the mules to me, to fuer of sitiado” , Sheep was protected by gift Alonso. (1667) received the sacerdotal orders to the 57 years, and, to the death of Antonio of Leon de Pinedo (1661), Soli’s was designated fill vacancies with Cronista of Indians.