Used Clonadas Cards

The band bought luxury products and contracted telephone lines of moving body with false documents. A total of 19 addresses in Madrid, Bilbao and Murcia has been registered, in which 11,770 Euros in ctivo have been found. Other nine members of the group were stopped in May. The National Body of Police, with the help of the Ertzaintza, has stopped to 31 people in Madrid, Bilbao, Basque Country, Tarragona and Murcia who used false identities and cards " clonadas" in order to commit different frauds and to acquire articles of high range. According to the Department of the Interior has informed in an official notice, the band bought luxury products, it contracted lines of movable telephony and it abra accounts in financial organizations with falsified documents which checks false and removed entered to extract ctivo later. In addition, a total of 19 addresses in Madrid, Bilbao and Murcia has been registered, in which 11,770 Euros in ctivo have been found, instruments to realise falsifications, computer science material, documentation on postal shipments and of money, you photocopy of passports and permissions of residence of sub-Sahara citizens and movable telephones. In addition, 60 fraudulent cards of identification of foreigners have recovered.

Eight months of investigation the investigation began eight months ago after detecting in Bilbao diverse swindles realised by citizens of Congolese origin to companies of movable telephony, banking organizations and department store, in which they used all type of false documents. Sometimes, the members of the network used cards of foreigners, previously falsified by other components of the group. In addition, also they committed the frauds with falsified banking cards to which they had altered the data of the holder to make them agree with the identity cards which they carried when to realise the fraudulent purchases. Later, it was found out that the clonadas cards had been falsified in the Madrilenian locality of Fuenlabrada and capital Madrid, and later sent by means of postal shipments to Bilbao, Catalonia, Murcia and also to France. Another modality of fraud executed by the members of this group consisted of the hiring of lines of movable telephony by means of use of a great variety of false documents like passports, permissions of residence, receipts and banking notebooks. In addition, the police detected the opening of banking accounts in different financial organizations, realised with false identity cards. Them, the prisoners entered false checks or removed and later they retired ctivo.

Finally, once the agents of the National Police and the Ertzaintza counted on all the operative data settled down a joint device that allowed the arrest of eight people in Madrid (three), and in the Madrilenian localities of Fuenlabrada (four) and Mstoles (one). In the case, agents of the Central Brigade of Networks of Immigration of the General Police station of Extranjera and Fronteras have participated, of the UCRIF of the Provincial Police station of Bilbao and the Headquarters Superior of Police of Madrid, and of the Group of swindles of Police station of Bilbao of the Ertzaintza. Stopped in May These arrests they are added to other nine members of the group, that already had been stopped in Bilbao during the past month of May. Within the framework of this investigation already other fourteen people distributed between Basque Country had been arrested, Tarragona, Murcia and Madrid. Source of the news: Stopped 31 people who used clonadas cards and false identities