Variety Of Cheaper Mobile Flat Rates Available Online

Cashback rates provide cheaper calls mobile of flatrates with money back refund (cashback) are indeed more complicated than normal mobile phone contracts, but often in the amount cheaper. Currently cheap mobile flat rates offer a variety of online mobile phone shops. There are currently eteleon, getmobile and sparhandy especially in the o2 as well as eplus network of cheap mobile flat rates. This however as i.e. paying cashback offers, in the rule per month Gets the regular price of the network operator but by the provider or money refunded the mobile phone shop or charged directly to the account so that the offer is significantly cheaper. The cheapest O2 and BASE/eplus flat-rate costs 2.99 a month for eteleon until end of month calculator ICH.

Getmobile there is flat for a short time for 4.99 and sparhandy calculated for 7,77 month an O2. The BASE flat-rate costs for sparhandy 8,88 monthly. With all of these offerings both in the fixed network as well as the own mobile network without additional costs can be make a call. Only the above mentioned monthly fee is payable. For calls to other networks a minute rate applies as the Orginaltarifen. Important in these tariffs: typically these prices arise, as above written by subsidizing of the merchant or provider. After the expiry of the minimum term, the monthly fee increases to the regular price. You don’t want this you must terminate the agreement at the end of the minimum contract term. Comparison of mobile flat rate offers. Her Torsten Leidloff