VertriebsREZEPTE 2010

Head sales and your path to success in the automotive sector the VertriebsREZEPTE 2010 – head sales and your path to success – Amicom: 9-14 April 2010, Hall 5, booth D19: every successful company relies on satisfied customers. And it can happen any company that glitches or major changes to cause, that the customers a quick and reliable way of contact. Customers need a partner you can always call to get an answer on the unforeseen problem. If he does not quickly and reliably enough learns this, he will be unhappy and could in the future to use the products or services of competitors. Still, it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire new customers or retain the existing existing customers on the company today for many companies. This customer behavior can be attributed not only to any economic crises. No, rather often lacking in feeling and emotion in the personal customer contact. Customers expect Today more than in the past.

Here, new and innovative ideas are needed. Sale is 90 percent dominated by emotions and feelings. Only 10 to 20 percent of the sales make up the spoken word or the text written so the conventional scientific wisdom. Why are the feeling and the emotions in both existing and future customers addressed then rarely really? Here, the solution must be sought elsewhere. To put a smile on the face of the customer, is the first important step to lasting and sustainable business success. The way there is in principle relatively simple.

It should be noted a few little rules in order to enjoy the success. \”The company of head sales Kirchlengern GbR offers the customers sales recipes\”, which lead to the increase in sales and the customers long-term tie to the company. With the top products from the navigation and hands-free accessories – head sales just in time to kick off the Amicom in Leipzig the latest sales concepts presents: 1 the company NAVIGON AG from Hamburg AUTOMOTIVE concepts of automotive NAVIHERSTELLERS NAVIGON 2510 Explorer – the new pilot of a NAVIGON.