Violence And Greed Closed A Brilliant Film In The Venice Mostra Competition

A violent thriller with good performances, Texas Killing Fields, Ami Canaan Mann, was presented this Friday in the Italian city. Also came an interesting thought about money, greed and the economic crisis, Duo minhjin (Life without principle), by Johnnie To. This Saturday the prizes are given. A violent thriller with good performances, Texas Killing Fields of Ami Canaan Mann, and an interesting thought about money, greed and the economic crisis, Duo minhjin (Life without principle), by Johnnie To, a brilliant 68 Mostra of Venice competition closed this Friday. After project 23 films in the official section, Venice has recovered this year a level not showing for years.

And although the two last works who opt to the Leon de Oro, which is delivered this Saturday, perhaps are not among the best in this Edition, you can’t be two proposals with added values and good performances. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a pleasant discovery as a Police investigating a series of murders of women whose corpses appear in an area of Texas city (near Houston) next to Sam Worthington known as the killing fields (killing field). Together with them a little exploited Jessica Chastain and a girl, Chloe Moretz, who with only 12 years old during the filming, loaded with a huge weight in the history. Based on real events, Cannan Mann wanted to give the film of an atmosphere that would attract enough viewers so I would like to know more, but which also generates a certain fear before what could discover, said at a press conference. A story that occurred in a city of 40,000 people, with victims from all social classes, and in which there a scene of the crime, since the point in common is the place where the corpses are found.

These elements were that made the Director interested in launching this project, which has counted as producer with her father, filmmaker Michael Mann. For the interesting of the film is that it focuses on the fact that a human life can be very easily destroyed. Bags in cinema style and a story that has nothing to do with the new proposal of the honkonguense Johnnie To, Duo minhjin (Life without principle). To left of the idea of the global crisis to develop a story with multiple ramifications and in which various characters are affected in one way or another by the terrible hang bags of April of 2010 due to the Greek financial crisis. A group of mobsters recycled in the business of betting over the Internet, a police officer who seeks to buy a House with his wife, an elderly woman who wants to multiply their profits by investing their few savings or an employee of banking that has to attract customers as it. In the last two or three years people have changed their principles. Now they are only interested in money. The society has changed. And that makes me pursue the greed of human beings, explained To News Conference. A film inspired by a real situation, but added that large doses humor. If it wouldn’t simply copy the reality, said the Director of Hong Kong, responsible for films such as Sparrow, Election or Vengeance. Source of the news: violence and greed closed a brilliant film in the Venice Film Festival competition