Wooden Concrete

The pipe to drain sewage and other discharges from septic tanks lay (buried) in the ground at a depth of 1 2 m under the condition that excluded the possibility of water freezing and breaking pipes. If the latter is possible, the pipes insulated with slag. The material may be cast iron pipe or plastic. Septic tanks can be constructed of rubble stone, brick, concrete and reinforced concrete. The interior surfaces of the septic tank, built of stone or brick, plaster cement mortar, followed by zhelezneniem, while the bottom is covered with concrete.

From outside the septic well isolated, laying under the bed and the walls of the fatty layer of clay – at least 20 cm for concrete and reinforced concrete walls and at least 30 cm – for the stone and brick. Overlapping of the septic tank can be made of wooden boards tarred, covered top of tar paper, roofing material and filled with earth – a layer of 15-20 cm, depending on local climatic conditions. Better and safer way to do a septic tank made of reinforced concrete floor. To do this you must first prepare the wooden shield appropriate section of the septic tank size, which will be used as formwork. This shield is placed on the walls of the septic tank top, so it is not falling down, propped up the bottom of his multiple beams that support it horizontal position. Concrete mixture is prepared by hand in the following sequence: measure out the required volume of cement, sand, gravel and water.