Spanish Language

The Real Academy of the Spanish Language defines To boycott like: " To prevent the accomplishment of an act like pressure means to obtain algo". Then the car-boycott takes place when negative thoughts come to your mind for impedirte that you realise your dreams. The good news is that the problem of negative thoughts, we have the majority of the human beings, the bad one is that all we are not conscious of how handling it. For that reason in this article you will learn in two simple steps, like being conscious of those negative thoughts at the moment that come and like handling them. Step no. 1. &quot describes your thoughts; We are going to use a simple example, you you want to find a pair by Internet, know little or almost nothing of Internet, and some things that your close friends have referred to you. You first negative thought of car-boycotting say the people to you who are in the sites of encounter in the Internet only want to have ciber-sexo" The first question that you are due to do for knowing if it is a valid thought or a car-boycott is: " to this it serves me thought for something? ".

answer is: Yes it serves, me to have precaution. Second question, " with this thought I am generalizing, or I am analizando" The answer it is: I am generalizing. And I explain to you because, one cannot say that all the people who visit the sites of encounter to find pairs by Internet want to have ciber-sex, I do not say that does not occur, but the important thing is, as you would face this situation in case of appearing, in the first place you have to be conscious that you are seated against computer and if is somebody to the other side that does something, that your you do not want or it dislikes to you, simply you have some options: To close the window, to extinguish the monitor, to close laptop, to eliminate it of your contacts, to report to that person in the Web site, among others. Secondly, that type of people, like in the physical world generally, signals previous that looks for another thing, for example nor they know you and they ask to you that the years like contact, immediately afterwards say to you that you connect your camera.