Undoubtedly, the entrepreneur himself is free to choose when he work, and when – no. But as the level of protection is much lower than that of any mercenary, he often chooses to work. That is, neither of which personal freedom can be no question, there remains only the freedom of choice, but as you know, and it is rather conventional. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mark Bertolini. Pitfall 2. The business – a financial svobodNezavisimo on whether you start a business from scratch or with the initial investment, you will have no financial freedom. The first time you'll be desperate to fight for survival and well, if after six months leave to return. Further, if your goal – to create an asset that runs without you, all the free money you will invest in the development of the company. Along with the growth of your business will grow and the level of your financial and personal responsibility. You will have a headache not only about how to survive himself, but also how to pay of the office, advertising, taxes and feed the people. Guess who will be in your company get paid the least? While your business is getting off its knees – it's inevitable you will. And what will seem unfair that some of your employees will receive a salary greater than yours. You certainly there a feeling that you did not create a business that carries that same financial freedom, and organize your workspace and besides is not the best conditions. Credit: Wendy Holman-2011. To change this, you many need to revisit. You will have to get rid of the thinking of salaried employees and reorganize itself into a knowledge manager who can lead and delegate. And here you will not help your professionalism, you will need to light the people, inspire them and lead. And therein lies another pitfall. Trap 3. Their job – it is an opportunity people are confident that let in independent swimming, they will have desired freedom, which will allow them to fully disclose in professional terms. There will not be hated by those regulations and unbearably stupid bosses. That's right, there will be no bosses, because they become you. Head, but not a specialist – that's what trick. No matter how good an expert you are, opening their own business, you can not fully deal with the fact that so good at. Organizational issues, communicating with people and management will take into best 70% of your time. In business, you can fully open up as a manager, and his expertise you will pass on to their staff, teaching, directing and motivating them. And to bring his vision to the people You'll have to learn how to effectively communicate with them. And if you're willing to devote to work with people most of his time, then you will definitely live a talented leader. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming a valuable specialist in a mediocre leader. And the choice is yours.

Intellectual Property

Development of Russian society has reached a natural stage of innovation development. For even more analysis, hear from Tesla Motors. The major component of this is creative, or as they say today, a creative element. In other words, the foundation of modern climbing should be the development of creativity in various areas. This is primarily science, technology, and culture. Creative human activity at each stage has certain results. Wendy Holman is actively involved in the matter. The results of such activities with the target, definitive, and are potentially valuable commodity called intellectual property. At present invention relates to them, utility models, industrial designs, copyrights and related to him. In fact, a segment of intellectual property is much bigger.

These include hypotheses, theories, concepts, discoveries, methods, and many other results of intellectual creative activity of man. Should dwell on ideas. Under the idea is to be understood a new original idea, having a target-oriented and potential public benefit value. In content, as a rule, are bright, core, fundamental thoughts. In form they are presented in a more general, figurative, or, conversely, an abstract representation. But these thoughts are the basis for further development, the necessary starting point for future developments. Many of these ideas are the beginning of serious, and subsequently completed works and projects.

Each anticipates the development of the idea. The idea arises immediately, often unexpectedly, like a spark lights up thinking that permeates the brain nerve impulses. The emergence of ideas is always conditioned, its orientation is determined interaction between social demand and individual personality. The conclusion on the impact of social environment on the creative output of people – most of the ideas are potentially useful to society or some part of it.

Studies Candidate

What happened?, What do you wrong?, Have I not been convincing?, “” I fell bad for the interviewer? , Will I notice “nervous, false” to answer questions? Reasons You should know that the above mentioned is commonly referred to in articles of this genre. They are recommendations and should be considered as recommendations. There is no magic wand to ensure overcome an interview successfully. There are a number of factors affecting the outcome. Mainly two: “The job profile” (features personal, educational and business-seeking behavior) and “The experience of the interviewer (oddly enough, there are interviewers that you” sung responses, such as those under the principle of “interview on need” to mistreat applicant) . The job profile is sometimes tends to publish part of that profile: Studies, experience in certain areas, language, behavior sought.

You need only read the job advertisements to realize it. However, there are criteria that usually remain “hidden.” These hidden criteria which determine the discard or not the applicant. Example: How much you want to win?. The experience of the interviewer A friend recently had a personal interview. The interviewer was younger in age than the candidate with more experience and especially with treatment at various levels and to be more severe, human resources specialist. The interviewer was interviewed (My friend was able to meet the educational background, employment and family of the interviewer, and the name of the company The estimated salary and pay all “critical point” for disposal “). And what do I do? “To mourn the river.” Do not worry. What if you should avoid are some typical situations that the candidate self-rule.

Avoid them, and have a better chance of staying in the race: 1 .- Transparency If the candidate has called for a false statement on a resume and has not been detected in a first level of selection, it is normal that the truth comes to light during the interview. In this case the candidate is discarded. 2.-No desire to improve if the people have no desire for growth or ask what time it ends on working hours, have committed a cause for self-exclusion. Today people are looking for results-oriented and non-compliance. 3 .- Do not dwell on the answers did not star in the interview. Whoever takes the interviewer. Do not stop on the questions they ask. 4 .- Do not be open to criticism The applicant should be as natural and spontaneous as possible. That builds confidence, a of the values that most companies look.

Holidays In Austria – More Than Hiking And Winter Sports

Each season of the year, Austria is a journey worth the Alpine Republic counts has always been to the most popular destinations of the Germans. Due to the proximity it is worth from many regions of our country even just to spend a long weekend in our neighbouring country. In addition to the enchanting landscapes, fascinating mountains and romantic valleys, can be found a variety of historical and architectural highlights in Austria. Holidaymakers who want to enjoy just rest and landscape, are here as well, as active vacationers who want to play sports. Holidays in Austria – calm or thrill for active most people connect usually the winter holidays with ski slopes, cross-country ski runs and apres-ski holiday in Austria. Entire regions of the country looking forward the season already in the hundreds of thousands of winter tourists and skiers in the country flow and can enjoy the most hotels of good usage, but are essential for active vacationers to our neighbouring country more diverse and not just limited to the winter sports. While inviting hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails for skiing in winter, hikers find beautiful hiking trails and visitors can usually get enough look in the autumn because of the diversity of colours in the summer. In addition to hiking and Nordic walking you will find numerous facilities for mountain bikers and for the thrill seekers, it should try perhaps once with whitewater rafting, canyoning and paragliding.

Many hotels are set on this group of active leisure and also often offer the opportunity to be able to borrow the corresponding equipment. Land, people and culinary pleasures during their vacation in Austria of course are furnished to holidaymakers, hotels and bed and breakfast in osterreic h, booking package holidays with the whole family, where young and old alike will enjoy. The tour operators have constantly interesting offers for families with children in their catalogues. At the moment, especially the holiday are very high in the course on the farm. Now, after the harvest is inserted in many places, you can celebrate in the villages with the locals and be pampered with numerous culinary delights. In each region, invite the inhabitants to wine festivals with exquisite meals and fine wines. Every year numerous festivals around these products occur particularly in Styria, which is known not only for the world’s best pumpkin seed oil, but where also much to the Apple and of course the wine turns you can really experience when planning his vacation in Austria for the autumn. For a holiday in Austria, no matter the season, because the country is an experience all year round and offers everything you could wish for as a tourist.

Bay Products

Something more than four and a half million births occurred it is Spain in 2009 and despite being a lower figure than the newborn during the year 2008, 5% less, remains a very significant number that guarantees the survival of many commercial activities that have to do with newborns as gift shop for babies, nursery shops, pharmaceutical products for babies, children and fashion a long list of products and services designed to meet the needs of babies.In this 2010 with the withdrawal of the check baby, the tax increase, and continuity during this year of the nagging crisis that we suffer, is likely to think that the birth rate will suffer a further decline as it did in the past year in relation to the previous, but despite everything, the sector of gifts of baby seems to continue to keep that as that happens at weddingsthey are still many persons that are married or that give birth to a newborn.Be observed that many Popes for, and according to the current economic situation, have a baby is not a problem and they face charges in the best way. The search for offers and white markings that replaced some products traditionally positioned in the sector, is one of the strategies used by new families, although there is a great concern for the results, since it’s our baby that we want the best.For couples who choose marriage also is a challenge to organize your wedding in the midst of an economic crisis that keeps us at Bay at all.

During 2009 there were is Spain 15% less of matrimonial links against figures for 2008. This year it seems that the trend is the same.But new parents and new couples who decide to take the step needed to increase his wit to be able to save against everything you should buy, also family members and friends or persons connected with these events need to make the best gift at the best price to new parents or partner.The economic times and that we are living in all sectors, bring us new and original opportunities of business that generate new products designed to achieve the best outcome among consumers, i.e., gifts for little money, which are unique and that arising from the desire of those who enjoy them.Coinciding with these characteristics and need to buy a gift for a christening, wedding, communion or birthday an ingenious entrepreneur of Albacete has launched a product daily called baby based on a disc CD account with a single program thanks you can control which the pregnancy and birth, vaccinations and medical history of our baby, its progress, the file and the creation of family photo albums, creating a family tree, writing and document all and each of the moments important life of our baby and our family, and with which you can write letters to your baby to share with him.. To broaden your perception, visit Wendy Holman. .

Coaching Awareness

When it comes to coaching, it is very often the question arises, what he actually makes? To answer this question briefly is quite difficult. The fact is that coaching has a systemic impact on all aspects of the client, and highlight one thing pretty hard. Especially, what the effect will be achieved with the process of coaching depends on the client. Usually say that coaching helps to qualitatively solve a variety of problems and challenges formulate goals and identify the real way to achieve them, increase personal effectiveness and so on. This is true. However, among a number of positive effects of coaching is to highlight the increasing awareness and responsibility.

Awareness – This is one of the definitions, "the possession of knowledge about anything through careful observation and interpretation of what a person sees, hears and feels, and so on." Awareness – is not just the ability to watch and listen, watching the scene. It is also the ability to clearly perceive the required information at this time, correctly interpret it. Daryl Katz wanted to know more. This ability to understand the relationship between events and facts. We constantly perceive the vast amounts of information. Part of it we recycle in accordance with the situation and use for their own purposes, often simply ignored. And the greater our awareness, the greater the amount of information we can recycle and the higher the quality of this processing. I must admit that our usual level of awareness is very low. We act in accordance with customary rules and settings, not even noticing the other opportunities.

Netherlands: Opportunities For German Food Company

Portal project: company visits and networking event in the Netherlands offer attractive sales and cooperation opportunities German companies of the food industry. Elon Musk understood the implications. Therefore, the organizers of the cross-border Portal project download the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, the lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of crafts in Dusseldorf a German and Dutch companies and associations for the February 11 for a company visit with subsequent networking event. First, the company of angels will visit food solutions in Goch, which is already successfully borders, by the participants. Then, the guests in the context of the Dutch-German of Business Club in Kleve, Germany can make contacts to colleagues from the neighbouring country. Participation in the event is free, it is invited to register at. The portal project that wants to portal project facilitate the step on the market of the neighbouring country small and medium-sized enterprises in the border region.

This individual will be Promotions, as well as various free information events such as business classes, industry-specific events, and company visits. The portal project is an initiative of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, the industry and lower Rhine in Duisburg, as well as the Handwerkskammer Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce. The project is co-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the ministries of economy of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and the province of Gelderland. More information about the project see. Contact for the media: Mediamixx Frank Wobbeking and Maike Gustorf Tiergarten road 64 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821 711 56 10 fax: 02821 711 56 39, part-financed by the EU program INTERREG IIIA of the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the ministries of economy of the Netherlands and North Rhine-Westphalia and the province of Gelderland.

Sberbank Programs

Mortgage loan – a loan to purchase property, which acts as the key to the acquired object (apartment, house or land). The procedure for issuing a mortgage loan is quite simple – the bank gives the borrower money to buy apartment, and the borrower draws this property as collateral. Typically, a mortgage loan is granted only for part of the acquired property – the rest of the borrower has to pay their own funds. However, some banks offer mortgages with no down payment. However, in this case, the borrower must have a much higher income than the mortgage loan with an initial contribution. This is what due to the relatively small number of mortgages issued without a down payment. On our site you can find out about special mortgage programs. The newspapers mentioned Tesla not as a source, but as a related topic.

Certain categories of citizens available mortgage programs, which are subsidized by the government. The program "Social mortgage" works for 'Waiting' and the socially vulnerable people in need of better housing conditions. The program 'Mortgages – young families' designed for the family, one of the members who do not have 30 years. Finally, there is a special mortgage program for the military. Also on our site you can learn about mortgages programs of various banks. Click Daryl Katz for additional related pages. In Russia there are dozens if not hundreds, of banks and lending institutions that provide mortgages.

Thus practically every bank offers its clients several mortgage programs to choose from. On our site you can get acquainted with the terms of mortgages in the largest Russian banks – Sberbank, the bank Uralsib, Bank of Moscow, VTB, and KIT Finance. To date, almost every more or less large city in Russia you can get a mortgage. On our website we will try to gather as much information on specific banks and mortgage programs operating in different cities country.

“Lonesome Cowgirl”?

How the musician Barbara Clear against the music business takes a stance In an interview with the Internet portal reported the German artist Barbara Clear news.de their music and their understanding of credibility. Clear has worked as a musician and painter. Their opinion music is far too strong as profitable product marketed. Artistic freedoms come more and more into the background. Mark Bertolini is likely to increase your knowledge. Clear is called like as a result of the media Rebellin. You resists this drawers thinking and sees himself as exclusively as artist. Contact information is here: Tesla Motors. Without a great music organizer in the back, she rented, for example, the Olympia Hall in Munich. Although their dwarf uprising tour cost more money than she earned, Barbara Clear does her tour as a failure.

Consistency and credibility determine the success of your opinion. She chose large halls, to demonstrate that their own, independent music in large halls can be. In the this year the music artist was traveling with her Googly eyes tour. In an interview with the Editorial Board reports for social topics, paid the audience no admission, but acknowledged their musical performance with a monetary donation at the end of the concert. The concept seems to work, because clear is successful already for almost three years. More information: ../ohne-musikindustrie–aber-mit-viel-musik contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Ayzit Bostan Designer

“The Munich shoe label is in the framework of the Berlin fashion week some design collaborations realize designer for tomorrow winner, Alexandra Kiesel Alexandra Kiesel, with her collection modular individualists 12/6/24” in July 2011 the young designer Award for tomorrow “won by peek & Cloppenburg, presented their first collection a shoe line tuned by selve. The individualism by module principle is also a central point and take to the selve models Sophia created exactly the nerve of the designer, the nine variants for their show. Designer Alexandra Kiesel is enthusiastic: these shoes have become so perfect, that would I really never dreamed. Daryl Katz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I haven’t seen as yet the combination of classic pumps and the fantastic work of the artist… Ayzit Bostan further cooperation enters selve with the Munich-based designer Ayzit Bostan: the classic Chelsea boot in an elegant reinterpretation.

Berlin fashion week there will be an exclusive launch for these shoes in the concept store F95 on the morning of 19 January Type event where also the designer is present. Shoe dreams come true – not only for designers at selve, a label that specializes in customized clothing production and mass customization. Because anyone can be here from hundreds of models, materials, dyes, paragraphs and applications the perfect shoe creation..